Getting Started: Pastors

You probably thought that eAdventist was just for clerks. That is where we started but we’ve been growing eAdventist to help pastors and churches, too. Here’s a quick summary of several tools designed specifically to help pastors.


Create “tags” to track small groups, spiritual gifts, Bible study requests, visitation lists and other groups in a way that’s fast and flexible. Use your tags to select people, create mailing labels, or send email messages. Find out more about tags starting at  Tags - the Basics.


Membership records come to life when you add photos of individual members and entire families. Use family photos to create a pictorial directory. Learn more in this blog article - pictorial church directory - and Printing a Church Directory.

Church Directory

In addition to the family pictures, eAdventist makes it easy to print a current, up-to-date directory whenever you need one. Include mobile phone numbers and email addresses for the adults, if you choose to. Learn more in this blog article - pictorial church directory - and Printing a Church Directory.


Capture a valuable indicator of church health and growth by recording attendance. Learn more in this blog article -  attendance - or Attendance. eAdventist makes it easy to start by recording attendance counts for each service or event.

Messaging Lists

Start a Messaging List (email and texting, that is) and use it to send your church newsletter, pastor’s letter, small group invitations, church calendar or announcements. Get your message out quickly and avoid spam folders.

Member Maps

Use People Map in the Graphs & Maps section (under Reports) to help you create a map of members. Use it to plan visitation, outreach events and more.


The Graphs & Maps section (under Reports) offers charts and graphs of members and baptism – by gender, by age. Explore the makeup of your church now and through time.

Pastor Notes

Now you can use eAdventist to record that are available to the pastoral staff – and only the pastoral staff – in your church. Track visits, needs and background that will help you serve your members safely and confidentially. To learn more, see  Pastor Notes.


Use Contacts to stay in touch with "interests" and members of other churches. To learn more see Contacts.


Use the myEADVENTIST web app to provide your members with a church directory and tools for officers and leaders. To learn more, see this intro to myEADVENTIST and then configuring myEADVENTIST.

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