Configuring myEADVENTIST for Your Church

The pastor or church clerk of each church can enable the myEADVENTIST app and choose the optional features on the "Settings" tab of the Church Admin screen.

Optional features

Church Directory

This enables the "People" section of the app, which is an online church directory. It allows members to look up names and contact info for other members. This online church directory uses the same member privacy settings as the printed Church Directory. For example, the following are NOT displayed:

  • confidential addresses
  • unlisted phones
  • unlisted mobile phones
  • unlisted email
  • families with "Include in directory" unchecked
  • mobile phone and email for children

Profile Update

Each member can view their membership record in the "Profile" section of the app. This option allows the member to update many of the fields in their Profile. The "Primary contact" and "Spouse" can also see the Profiles for any other people in the Family. This option allows them to update the other Profiles in their Family, as well. The Profile Changes screen allows the church clerk to monitor these changes easily.

Customize the Invitation email

Tailor the invitation email for your church by clicking the "Customize" link. The first paragraph and the closing line can be customized.

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