Starting a Messaging List

It only takes a few steps to create a new Messaging List - a powerful way to communicate by email and text messaging.

1. Create the list

Choose the "messaging lists" menu option (under the "Reports & Tools" menu section). On the Messaging Lists page, click the "New list" button.

If your eAdventist account has access to more than one church, you will need to choose from them.

There are just a few settings to configure your new List.

The From name and From email are required. Each time you create a Message, you have the option to use the defaults or enter a different name and email.

2. Add your audience

On the Messaging List page, the "Audience" box shows who is on your list.You can add Subscribers from both the People (members and nonmembers of your church)and Contacts  (visitors, interests, former members, etc.) sections of eAdventist.

Click the "Add subscribers" button to see the people in your audience who have email addresses. You can subscribe them one-by-one or click the "Subscribe all" button. Each message you send will include an "Unsubscribe" link that they can use to unsubscribe from the list, if they choose to.

Click the "Subscribers" link to see the complete list of subscribers. You can unsubscribe them, if necessary.

The "Unsubscribed" link shows a list of people that have unsubscribed themselves or been unsubscribed by you. The "Bounce" link shows any subscribers that eAdventist has been unable to deliver a message to.

The "Audience" box shows the total number of Subscribers - both People and Contacts that your messages will reach. 

You're ready to create your first Message! Just click the "New Message" button.

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