myEADVENTIST is a mobile-friendly web app that provides the people in each church family with:

  • the Membership Profiles of the people in their family
  • the ability to update these Membership Profiles (optional)
  • links to resources (e.g. web site, Facebook, streaming, AdventistGiving, etc.)
  • all Church Officers, with contact info
  • upcoming Church Events
  • a Church Directory (optional)
  • Church/School finder (coming soon)
  • Tools for pastors and ministry leaders (coming soon)

The app is currently available as a web app that works equally well on phones, tablets and PCs.

Getting started

Each church can begin using myEADVENTIST with these easy steps:

  1. Enable myEADVENTIST and choose optional features
  2. Invite members (by email) to activate their accounts
  3. Members activate their accounts

Using the app

Members can access the app by opening the browser on their phone, tablet or PC and going to my.eadventist.net. For easier access on phone or tablet, you can add the app to your home screen. This creates an icon and allows you to use TouchID or FaceID to sign in. For easier access on a PC, save the URL in your Favorites or on your desktop.

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