Tags - The Basics

Tags are a fast, flexible way to identify groups of people in your congregation. Once you've created a tag and tagged the people, you can print a contact list, create mailing labels or send email messages.

Tags work great for:

  • small groups
  • spiritual gifts
  • ministry interests
  • identifying core, active members
  • visitation

Tags are not the best choice for:

  • church officers - use Officers features instead
  • age groups - use "Born" criteria in Person Labels instead
  • geographic areas - use "Postal codes" criteria in Person Labels instead
  • occupation - use "Occupation" criteria in Person Labels instead

Creating a Tag

Choose the "tags" menu option (under the People menu section), then click the "Add a tag" button. Once you've entered the tag's name, assigned it an "owner" church and clicked "Save", you're ready to start tagging people.

TIP: Each church's tags are shared by every eAdventist user with access to that church (e.g. pastor, clerk, secretary). 

Tagging People

You can tag one person at a time or multiple people at once. To tag one person, find their record using Person Search. On the Person page, click the "Tags" tab, select a Tag and click the "Add" button.

To tag multiple people, see  Tagging people.

Untagging People

Similarly, you can untag one person at a time or multiple people at once. To untag one person, find the person's record, click the "Tags" tab and click the "delete" link for the tag.

To untag multiple people, see  Untagging people,

Using tags

Contact list - Choose "Tags" under the People menu section, click on a tag name to display all of the tagged people. Then click on the "Print list" button.

Mailing label - Choose "Person Labels" under the People menu section, select a "Tag" and any other criteria. There is also a "Tagged" option to select only recent tags.

Email list - The Mailing List feature (under the Reports & Tools menu section) allows you to create an email list for organizations (church, conference) or officers (e.g. pastors, deaconesses). When you create a message, you can use tags to send the message to a specific segment of the entire list.

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