Printing a Church Directory

eAdventist makes it easy to print a current church directory whenever the need arises. You can also include a photo section to create a photo directory. To create them, choose "directories" (under the "Reports" menu section).

Church directory

The "Church directory" is available on the Directories page. Most churches use the "by Family" layout but you also have a "by Person" option. The directory will automatically filter out any "confidential" addresses, "stopped" addresses and "unlisted" phone numbers. If you choose to include mobile phone numbers or email addresses, they will be included for the Primary Contact and Spouse.

If you are comfortable with desk-top publishing and want to design your own layout, use "Export as CSV" to download the data.

Photo directory

The photo directory uses the  family photos that have been added for your members. It also prints the "Photo caption" to help identify the people in each photo. The "Starting page #" can be changed to fit the layout of your directory.

Putting it all together (printing and binding)

eAdventist creates both the church directory and photo directory as PDF files. To create a complete directory, use your favorite PDF tool (e.g. Adobe Reader, Acrobat, Preview) to:

  • combine these two files
  • add a cover
  • add other pages (e.g. letter from pastor, candid photos)

Once you have a single PDF for your complete directory, Adobe Reader (and Acrobat) provides a variety of printing options -- paper size, booklet format. This article shows to use the "Booklet" features:

If you are printing on a photocopier with finisher options (i.e. stapler, folder), your printer software will include similar printing options as well as finishing options -- for example, printing magazine-style with 11x17 paper that is folded and stapled in the middle.

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