Creating an Email Message

Once you've created an Email List and set up your audience of Subscribers and Followers, you're ready to create a Message.

Click the "New Message" button to get started.

The "Description" will not appear on the actual email - it's just an internal label. The message can be sent to the entire audience or a portion of them (by Tags). Click the "Next>>" button when this is completed.

All of the fields on the Edit Message page are required and the "Status" box helps you track them.

Creating the HTML message

HTML email lets you take advantage of formatting, heading sizes, tables, images and links to make your message as attractive, clear and useful as possible.

To personalize your message, click the "Merge fields" button on the toolbar (shown by the green arrow above) and insert the merge code for "First name" or "Last name". These codes will be replaced by each subscriber's data when the message is sent.

After adding an image, clicking on it will give an "Edit | Delete" button and a blue "handle" that you can use to resize the image. Images (e.g. banners) that are created 600px wide will fill the entire width of your message without any resizing.

To ensure that your messages are not blocked, eAdventist no longer sends file attachments. When you add a file, it will be hosted on eAdventist and a link is inserted in your message. The link can placed anywhere in your message.

Creating the Plain-text message

Why even bother with plain-text? Many mail providers consider the lack of a plain-text version as an indicator of a "lazy" spammer. Even if none of your subscribers choose the plain-text version, having it ensures that your message reaches as many of your audience as possible.

You can use "Merge fields" to personalize Plain-text. To add a merge code, look for it on the right side, click the "copy" icon beside it and paste it into your message.

Keep in mind that you can include URLs (for sites, files or images) in Plain-text, although they will only be text rather than links. 

Send a test message

Once you save the message, "Preview" will give an idea what it will look like to your audience. However, the best way to check it is to send a "Test email" to yourself, then open on a variety of devices (computer, tablet, phone) and email clients (Outlook, Gmail, Mail).

Send, for real!

When you're ready, click the "Send" button and your message will be queued for delivery. eAdventist will track each person that receives and opens it, as well as any that "bounce".

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