Sending a Text Message

Once Text Messaging has been enabled for your Messaging List, there are 2 ways to send a text message to the list:

  1. Send a text message to the List's SMS number. If your phone is selected in the "Replies to" setting, eAdventist will forward the message to the entire list
  2. Create a Text Message in eAdventist

Create a Text Message

SMS messages are limited to 2 "segments" (320 characters), so eAdventist shows you the length of your message as you type. Using a URL shortener (e.g. can help if you're including long URLs. eAdventist does not support images in text messages.

What's a "segment"? In an SMS message, a "segment" is 160 characters. Including emojis or some accented characters (e.g. á, í, ú) will require special encoding and reduce each "segment" to 70 characters.

If you'd like to preview the message before sending, use the "Test phone number" and click "Send test". When you're ready, just click the "Send" button.

When a recipient replies to the message, eAdventist will automatically forward the reply to each of the List Admins. Replies will also be displayed on this Text page.

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