Email - Handling "Bounces"

When you use a Email List to send an email message, eAdventist sends the message to each recipient and waits for a reply from the other mail servers - "delivered", "deferred/delayed", "spam", "bounced". eAdventist records these replies.

eAdventist automatically blocks any further email to addresses that have been rejected (i.e. "bounced"). The other mail server will return an error message to eAdventist like:

  •  "bad_mailbox"
  • "The mailbox does not exist"
  • "Bad recipient address syntax"
  • "Mailbox full"

Some of the most common causes are:

  • Typos in address
  • Old address that has been discontinued
  • New address that hasn't been created yet

Use Email Bounces to quickly find problem email addresses for your church or conference.

To fix problem addresses, click on the member's name. The "bounce" error is displayed at the top of the Person page.

eAdventist will not send email to the address until the "bounce" error is cleared. The error will automatically be cleared when you update or correct the email address.

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