Texting - Initial Setup

eAdventist's Messaging Lists allow you send text messages, as well as emails. There are just a few easy steps to enable this feature.

Request an SMS number

Contact our team at help@eadventist.net to request SMS number for your list. Once it has been added, you'll see it on your List:

TIP: Add a Contact to your phone with the name of your List (e.g. "Meadow Glade Church News", "Church Board") and your new SMS number. Now the messages you send and receive will display the name, rather than just the phone number.

Add your Mobile Phone to your eAdventist account

Use the "account settings" menu option (under the Home menu section) to add your "Mobile phone" to your eAdventist account. Click the "change" link.

Add your mobile phone number and enter your password to authorize the change.

eAdventist will verify the phone number that you entered and let you know if it is a landline that doesn't have SMS service.

Ready to send

Now you're ready to send your first Text Message.

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