Email - Using a Template

The Template Editor allows you to create clean, attractive messages that will look good in all email programs on both large and small screens.

The template includes 3 main areas:

  • Header - May include logo, link to your main site. Select or customize (coming soon)
  • Body - Main part of your message. Create with the editor, save as a custom template (coming soon)
  • Footer - Includes organization name, address, phone and unsubscribe link (required). Select or customize (coming soon)

Since many people will read your messages on their phones, it's important for your message to look good on both large and small screens. The Template Editor automatically creates responsive HTML that takes care of this for you. Click on the "monitor" icon (top, left corner) to edit your message and see what it will look like on a large screen. Clicking on the "phone" icon (top, left corner of editor) to preview your message on a smaller device.


The body section of your message contains one or more "cards". The blue "card" toolbar allows you to edit, duplicate or delete the card.

Click the "gear" icon to edit the settings for the "card".


Each "card" contains one or more "blocks". When you click on a "block", its border will be outlined in yellow. The black "block" toolbar allows you to edit, delete, duplicate or add a block. 

The main types of "blocks" are:

  • Heading - large, medium or small
  • Text - 1-column, 2-column or 3-column
  • Image - 1-column, 2-column or 3-column, without text, text below, text beside
  • Button - button, link or app icon (for iOS and Android app)

For example, the Body of the message below contains 1 card, which includes 3 "blocks" - a Heading block, a 1-column Text block and a button-style Button block. The message also includes a "footer", but not a "header".

Click the "gear" icon to edit settings for the "block".

The "trash" icon to delete the block and the "copy" icon to duplicate the card. Click the "plus" icon to add a new card.

Editing Text

Click on any Text "block" and edit it directly. The shortcut key for bold is Cmd-B (PC) or ⌘-B (Mac) and the shortcut key for italics is Cmd-I (PC) or ⌘-I (Mac). The ability to add links in a text block will be coming soon.


To ensure that your links are easy to press with a thumb, it's usually best to place them in a separate block.

File Attachments

File attachments will be available in the Template Editor soon.

Custom Templates

We will be adding a selection of Headers and Footers that you can choose from and customize. You will also be able to save your custom templates.

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