The Church Manual uses the word "rebaptism" for several situations. However, only the first situation should be entered as Rebaptism and the others should be entered as an additional Baptism.

  1.  Member renewing their commitment - enter as Rebaptism
  2. Person coming from other denominations - enter as Baptism
  3. Reinstating person previously removed from membership - enter as Baptism

Enter a Rebaptism using the following steps:

Find the member's record
Click the "Change Status" button
For "Change", choose "rebaptized on", enter the rebaptism date and click the "Save" button.

Coming from other denominations

Individuals From Other Christian Communions

On biblical grounds, individuals from other Christian communions who have embraced Seventh-day Adventist beliefs and who have previously been baptized by immersion may request rebaptism. Church Manual, p 49

Previously removed

Apostasy and Rebaptism

Although apostasy existed in the apostolic church (Heb. 6:4-6), Scripture does not address the question of rebaptism. Ellen G. White supports rebaptism when members have apostatized and then are reconverted and wish to rejoin the Church. Church Manual, p 49

Reinstating Those Previously Removed From Membership

It is expected that readmission to membership will be done in connection with rebaptism. Church Manual, p 67

Church’s Position on Divorce and Remarriage 

9. Readmittance to membership of those who have been removed for reasons given in the foregoing sections shall normally be on the basis of rebaptism. Church Manual, p 160

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