NOTE: The steps for recording Reclaimed have updated as of January 2018.

When a person who has been "Removed" from membership chooses to rejoin, they can be reinstated (i.e. "reclaimed"). If they are rejoining in a different church than the one that "removed" them, the church that they are rejoining should contact the previous church for information about the reasons for them being "removed".

To enter this in eAdventist:

Find the "Removed" record.
Click the "Change Status" button, choose "Start reclaim", enter the date and click "Save". This will change the person's status back to "Nonmember".
If necessary, you can use the "Change Church" button to move the nonmember to another church.
Finally, click the "Change Status" button, select "to member by" and  choose "Baptism". This will change the person's status to "Member". NOTE: The Reclaimed report will be able to distinguish this from other baptisms because of the "Start reclaim".
For more information, see the Church Manual pp. 66-67.

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