Members should only be "removed" from church membership in two situations, church discipline (aka "apostasy") and personal request. For church discipline, the final decision needs to be made at a business meeting and not by the church board alone. For personal request, the church board alone should vote to accept the request without discussion.

To enter this in eAdventist:

Find the member's record
Click the "Change Status" button
Select "Removed" from the "Change to" drop-down, enter the vote date and click the "Save" button.

Church Discipline

A member should only be "removed" for discipline after making every possible effort to win them. The church board needs to review the case. However, the final decision needs to be made by a majority vote taken at a business meeting presided over by a pastor or, in the pastor's absence, an elder. 

For more information, see the Church Manual, pp. 63-64.

Personal Request

Members who request to be "removed" should be given ample time and every effort made to restore them. The member should provide a letter of resignation to the church board. Out of respect for the individuals, the church board should vote to accept the resignation without public discussion. The church should notify the person of the action in writing. Where possible, this should be delivered in person by the pastor or person designated by the board. 

For more information, see the Church Manual, p. 66.

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