Getting Started: Subscriptions

Subscriptions provides labels for a union or conference from 2 sources:

  • Members - church membership records
  • Subscribers - union/conference subscriber records (e.g. retired pastors, libraries, dormitories, paid subs)

There are 3 key items to set up before using Subscriptions:

  1. Publications
  2. Issues
  3. Subscription groups


TIP: Each publication should be the name of a magazine or newsletter, not a date (e.g. April-2015) or organization/offering (e.g. VOP Offering).

The Type decides how you will control member subscriptions for the Publication. Choose Union Paper or Adventist World for subscriptions controlled by the "Union paper" and "Adventist World" checkboxes on each family in membership records. Choose Other for subscriptions that include every family in the union/conference (e.g conference newsletter).

Now it's time to add the first  Issues.


TIP: For monthly publications, add all 12 issues at the beginning of each year (e.g. January 2016). 
TIP: Only add offerings (e.g. VOP) if you want to record the label counts.

The Issue on date is compared to each Subscriber's Start date and Expiry date. It has no affect on Member Labels.

Using the Save label counts option when you create labels will provide a summary (by conference and postal group) of both Member Labels and Subscriber Labels for each Issue, like the example above.

Subscription groups

These groups only apply to Subscriber Labels and are not used for Member Labels. Use them to segment your Subscribers for billing purposes. For each group, choose a Type based on who will be billed for the subscription.

  • Paid - paid by Subscriber, use Renewals to create renewal notices for Subscribers, renew by advancing Expiry date
  • Sponsored - paid by Sponsor, use Renewals to create renewal notices for Sponsors, renew by advancing Expiry date
  • Complimentary - paid by conference/union, no Expiry date, subscription continues as longs as Subscriber is active

Now that you have added Publications, Issues and Subscription Groups you are ready to create Member Labels. If you want to create Subscriber Labels, you will need to add some Subscribers and Sponsors first.

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