Member Labels

Once your Publications and Issues are set up, you can use Member Labels to export subscription labels for your union paper, Adventist World or conference newsletter in 4 easy steps:

1. Choose a Publication

Easy peasy.

2. Choose an Issue

Copies sent will remind you which labels have already been exported (if you chose the Save label count option).

3. Select the Conferences

This option comes in handy when you need to include a conference newsletter or ABC flyer as an insert in the union paper. Otherwise, just click "Select all". Again, Copies sent and Date will remind you if labels have already been exported for this Issue.

4. Choose options and export labels

This screen give you a breakdown of all the conferences and postal groups. Use this screen (without exporting labels) to get quantities for printing.

The most important option is Save label counts. Leave it unchecked to experiment and investigate but be sure to check it when you export labels for real.

Member language allows you export Spanish/Non-Spanish or French/Non-French labels separately, based on the "Language" of the person designated as each family's Primary Contact.

IMPORTANT: If you are providing labels to a 3rd party (e.g. AWR, VoP) with the approval of the conferences, be sure to check Exclude Confidential addresses and Exclude No Promo Mail addresses to protect the privacy of the members.

TIP: Save a copy of each Union Paper and Adventist World label file. When members have questions about their subscription, you can open the file in Word or Excel and use Search to verify if they were included in the mailing.

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