Subscriber Labels

Once your Publications, Issues and Subscription Groups have been created and your Subscribers and Sponsors have been added, you are finally ready to export Subscriber Labels. There are just 4 easy steps:

1. Choose a Publication

Doesn't get much easier, does it?

2. Choose an Issue

Labels run will remind you which Issues you have already exported labels for (if you checked the Save label counts option).

3. Select the Subscription Groups

Allows you to export labels separately, if you need to. Otherwise, just click "Select all". Labels and Copies will remind you if labels have already been exported for this Issue.

4. Choose Options and Export Labels


TIP: Save a copy of each Union Paper and Adventist World label file. When subscribers have questions about their subscription, you can open the file in Word or Excel and use Search to verify if they were included in the mailing.

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