CT 1.1: Adding a Family (of one)

Clerk Tutorial 1: Basics

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Exercise 1: Adding a Family (of one)
Exercise 2:  Adding a Large Family (of four)
Exercise 3:  Family Changes
Exercise 4: Fixing Mistakes

Exercise 1: Adding a Family (of one)

Let's start with a family that only contains one person, a single man named Steve Manning who has been taking Bible studies and attending your church. He is planning to be baptized and would like to receive church mailings. Use the following information to add him:

Last name Manning
First name Steve
Suffix Jr
Church Yours
Address 132 Sherwood Forest Rd, Annapolis MD 21401
Email steve@pretend.net
Born on February 27, 1985
Ethnic class Your choice
Home phone 301-555-1111
Work phone 302-555-2222
Mobile phone 302-555-3333

Step 1 - Create a New Family

  1. Choose the purple People menu section on the left, then choose new family.
  2. On the top half of the Person screen, enter Steve's name, email, church, marital status, birth date, mobile phone and work phone. On the lower half of the screen, enter Steve's home phone and street address.
  3. Click on the Personal tab and enter Steve's "Ethnic class".
  4. Click the "Save" button. Steve has been added! Note that he is currently the "Primary Contact" for his Family. In fact, he's the only person in his Family. Also, note that his "Status" is currently "Nonmember".
TIP: eAdventist will auto-certify the address to ensure that it meets postal formatting and verify that it is a valid, deliverable address.
TIP: The "Allow promo mail", "Subscriptions" (for union paper and Adventist World) for this Family will be automatically set to your conference's defaults. However, you can change these values at the member's request.

Step 2 - Search for a Person

If you just completed Step 1, Steve's record is already on your screen. However, we want to learn how to find it again in the future.

  1. Choose the purple People menu section, then choose search.
  2. Enter a few letters of Steve's first and last names (e.g. "man" and "ste"), then click the "Search" button.
  3. You should see Steve included in the search results. Click on his name to see his record - the Person page.
TIP: Use  advanced search if you need search criteria that aren't available in search.
TIP: For searching, less is more. For example, searching for "ste" will find Steve whether he was entered as "Steve", "Steven" or "Stephen".

Step 3 - Enter a Baptism

Steve completed Bible studies and was baptized by Pastor Jones on August 7, 2016. Let's enter this baptism.

  1. If you just completed Step 2, Steve's record is already on your screen.
  2. Click the "Change Status" button.
  3. On the Change Status/Rebaptize page, "Change" should be set to "to Member by", the drop-down should be set to "Baptism", and the "on" field should be set to "8/7/2016". Click the "Save" button.
  4. This takes you to the Baptism Information page and you can enter "Baptized by", "Event" and "Original baptism place". These items are all optional. Click the "Save" button.
  5. This takes you back to Steve's Person page. Note that his "Status" is now "Member".
TIP: Need to change any of the information entered on the Baptism Information screen? Click the "Edit Person" button and choose the "Membership" tab. Make the necessary changes and click the "Save" button.

Step 4 - Print the Family Unit Record (FUR)

  1. To print Steve's Family Unit Record (FUR) as a PDF, click the "Print Family" button.
TIP: Some browsers (e.g. Chrome) can display PDFs. Macs come with software ("Preview") for displaying PDFs. PCs will need to have the free Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed. Your browser settings allow you to decide how PDFs are displayed and saved on your computer.
TROUBLESHOOTING: If your computer does not display the FUR, check that you have the Adobe Reader installed. Also, check if your browser is blocking pop-ups and ensure that it allows popups for "www.eadventist.net" and "demo.eadventist.net". 
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