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Clerk Tutorial 1

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Exercise 1: Adding a Family (of one)
Exercise 2: Adding a Large Family (of four)  
Exercise 3: Family Changes
Exercise 4: Fixing Mistakes

What you need

Demo account
eAdventist's "Demo" site ( demo.eadventist.net) allows you to practice without any danger of messing up the membership records on the "Live" site (www.eadventist.net).

The Family

eAdventist uses a simple, but powerful, definition of Family that makes entry more efficient. Each Family should include:

  • People living at the same address
  • At most, 2 married people
  • If more than 2 married people, eAdventist will use "Married on" date to match spouses

Each family has one person designated as the Primary Contact. This person's name will be used on mailing labels for the family. Each family shares addresses, phone number and subscriptions (i.e. union paper,  Adventist World).

Ok, let's try it...

Be sure that you do these exercises on eAdventist's  Demo site, rather than the Live site.

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