Reports for Conference

These include reports for conference administrators, directors (e.g. Hispanic Ministries) and archiving. Optional items are indicated with an asterisk ("*").

Report For Frequency Description
Statistical Recap Administrators Quarterly, monthly* Summary of all statistical changes by church, with totals for conference.
Optional sub-totals by region.
Statistical Analysis Administrators Quarterly, monthly* Summary of all statistical changes in conference, by age group.
Baptisms* Ministerial Quarterly, monthly* Every baptism & PoF (with pastor's name), by church
Deceased* Trust Quarterly, monthly* Every death, by church
Missing* Ministerial Quarterly, monthly* Every member voted missing, by church
Removed* Ministerial Quarterly, monthly* Every person dropped for discipline or by request, by church
Reclaimed* Ministerial Quarterly, monthly* Every removed person "reclaimed" for baptism, by church
Member List* Receptionist As needed Addresses & phone numbers for every member. Do not share "confidential"
addresses or "unlisted" phone numbers.
Student Leads* Education Annually All student-age members & nonmembers, by church. Provide each school with
the students in its constituent churches.
Membership Changes Adventist World Periodically Address labels to provide complimentary 1-year subscription to AW for all new
Attendance Summary Administrators,
Quarterly, monthly* Provides attendance totals for 2nd & 7th Sabbath and quarter average.

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