Reports for Offline Churches

A church is offline if the conference clerk takes care of the updating transfers and membership records in eAdventist. They also rely on the conference clerk to provide these printed reports on a regular basis. While it is ideal to print and mail changed FURs and pending Transfers every 2 weeks (indicated by "*"), the conference can choose the interval to suit their needs.

Report For Frequency Description
FURs by Church Church clerk Once Complete member & nonmember records, grouped by family.
Changes will be written on the FUR and mailed to the conference.
Family List Pastor Once Compact list of members & nonmembers, grouped by family.
FURs by Change Date Church clerk Bi-weekly* Includes any FURs that have been recently updated, keeps the clerk's records current
Pending Transfers Church clerk
& foreign clerks
Bi-weekly* Conference clerk is the "post office" for all transfer mail to offline churches and
churches outside of North America and Guam/Micronesia.
Membership Statistics Church clerk
& pastor
Quarterly All statistical changes (i.e. baptism, PoF, transfer, death, missing, removed,
rebaptism) and family changes made during the quarter. Includes beginning
and ending member count.
Statistical Analysis Pastor
Quarterly Totals of statistical changes (i.e. baptism, PoF, transfer, death, missing, removed,
rebaptism) broken out by age group.

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