When members move away, it is their responsibility to let the church elder or clerk know their new address. In cases where this does not happen and the church has been unable to locate a member for 2 years, the church board can vote to designate the member as "missing".

Find the member's record
Click the "Change Status" button
Select "Missing" from the "Change to" drop-down, enter the vote date and click the "Save" button.

Missing member found

If the member is later located, the church clerk can simply "undo missing" without requiring any board vote. The person is still a member "in good and regular standing" and can be transferred, if necessary. If it is discovered that the member needs to be removed for disciplinary reasons, the church can follow the appropriate process and vote to designate the member as "removed".

For more information, see the Church Manual p. 66.

Missing Member Joining a New Church

"When a person applies for membership on profession of faith and it is found that he/she still is a member of another congregation, no steps should be taken to receive that person into membership until the church holding the membership grants a letter of transfer. If, after the process of transfer is followed, a church refuses to grant a letter of transfer and the member feels the letter has been unjustly denied, the member may appeal to the conference committee. Following this procedure will result in a higher appreciation of the sacredness of Church membership and in wrongs being made right.  No church has the right to withhold transfer unless the person is under discipline."

Members Not to be Removed from Church Membership for Nonattendance

"Absentees should be faithfully visited by the church leadership, and each should be encouraged to revive church attendance, explaining the seriousness of neglecting the obligation of church membership in deliberately absenting oneself for indefinite periods of time and making no report of one's faith and hope to the church. When because of age, infirmity, or other unavoidable cause, a member finds it impossible to regularly attend divine worship, it should be considered and obligation to keep in contact with the church leaders by letter or by other means. However, as long as the person is loyal to the doctrines of the church, nonattendance at church services shall not be considered sufficient cause for removal from church membership."

Members Moving Away and Not Reporting

"When members move away from the vicinity, it is their duty to inform the church elder or clerk as to their new location and address. While they remain members of that church they should recognize their responsibility of reporting regularly to the church and sending in their tithes and offerings. It is desirable for such a report to be sent at least once each quarter. If, however, such a member leaves no address behind and makes no effort to reach the home church or send a report and it is found impossible to locate the missing member, then, after an absence of two (2) years, and individual may be removed from the membership of the church by a vote of the church , provided the church officers can certify that that they have faithfully endeavored to locate the person but without success. The clerk should record in the proper column, "Whereabouts unknown. Voted to designate as missing"."

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