Email - add button or link

There are a couple ways to include clickable links to an email message in eAdventist:

TIP: Avoid using URL shorteners (e.g. Bitly, Google, TinyURL) for your email messages. Spammers frequently use shortened URLs to mask malware and phishing sites and many email providers (e.g. Gmail) frequently block messages that include shortened URLs.

Add a Button or Link (CTA)

The option used most in marketing email is the "call to action" (CTA) button. It's usually centered and colored to ensure that it gets your attention. The caption is usually something like "Register now" or "Learn more".

Click the "add" icon in the tool bar and select "Button".

Click on the button or link to edit the caption text. Then click the "settings" icon in the toolbar to add the URL.

Add a Link (in text)

To include a link in a paragraph or list, click the "link" icon in the toolbar. If you highlight a section of the text before clicking the "link" icon, it will be pre-filled in the "Text" field and you just need to add the "URL".

The finished result looks like this.

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