Messaging Lists - Adding Subscribers

One of the most important aspects of a Messaging List is ensuring that your messages reach as many people who want them as possible, without "spamming" people who don't want to receive them. The owners/admins of the List can add Subscribers in a couple of different ways.

Adding Multiple Subscribers

Most of the time, the "Audience" panel is the easiest way to add new subscribers. It finds the "potential subscribers" - people who (a) have an email address or mobile phone number and (b) haven't opted in or out of the List yet. Click the "Add subscribers" button to see the list.

TIP: You'll use "Add subscribers" to start your list but periodically checking for "potential subscribers" iS also a great way to ensure that new members get included in the List.

The Add Subscribers page allows you to add the "potential subscribers" one-by-one or all at once. Click the "+" icon to add a new subscriber. Or click the "Add all" button to add all of them.

Adding a Single Subscriber

You can also use the "List" tab on the Person page to see the Messaging Lists available to the person. Click the "add" link to subscribe the person.

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