The DEMO site

The eAdventist DEMO site ( is specifically designed for learning eAdventist in a realistic setting. It is completely separate from the LIVE site ( and uses an older copy of the LIVE data. That means that you will have separate accounts for the DEMO and LIVE sites. It also means that you are free to experiment on the DEMO site without worrying about making mistakes.

TIP Use the same password for both your DEMO account and your LIVE account. Easier to remember without compromising security!

The DEMO site is identical to the LIVE site except for:

  • Different URL - vs
  • Different logo ("DEMO" in red letters)
  • Links to Clerk Tutorials on the Home page
  • Messaging Lists will not send email or text messages
  • Older data

Church Clerks

If you are a clerk, our Clerk Tutorials are the ideal way to become familiar with eAdventist. Be sure to do the tutorials on the DEMO site and not the LIVE site.

Clerk Tutorial 1: The Basics

Clerk Tutorial 2: Transfers

Contact your conference clerk if you need a new DEMO account or help with an existing one.

Conference Clerks

DEMO accounts are ideal for "hands-on" training for new clerks. The data is a copy of real member data so be sure to collect User Authorization forms, as usual. It's also important to review User Accounts on the DEMO site periodically and deactivate the accounts of clerks who are no longer serving.

TIP Create 2 eAdventist accounts for each new church clerk:
  • LIVE site - with "Church Clerk (view)" role
  • DEMO site - with "Church Clerk (create + transfer)" role

Ask the clerk to complete the Clerk Tutorials before upgrading their LIVE account to the " Church Clerk (create + transfer)" role.

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