CT 2.0: Intro

Clerk Tutorial 2: Transfers

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Exercise 1: Online Transfers
  -  Transfer In
  -  Transfer Out  
Exercise 2: Transfer Comments
Exercise 3:  Transfer TO an International Church
Exercise 4:  Transfer FROM and International Church

What you need

Practice partner -
Working in a class? Pair off with another class member. Working alone? Ask another church clerk or your conference clerk.

Member to transfer -
This needs to be a baptized member, use your own member record or “Harold” who you added in Exercise Set 1. If you haven’t already added “Harold”, you’ll want to revisit Exercise Set 1 and see what you missed.

The Transfer Process - from A to Z

  1. Request - Z asks, "A, will you transfer ________ to us?"
  2. Grant - A replies, "Yes, we will"
  3. Accept - Z replies, "Great, thank you"

Ok, let's try it...

Working with a partner? Decide whether you will be A or Z. If you’re Z, start with “Transferring In” and, if you’re A, start with “Transferring Out”. After you complete the first transfer, switch roles and transfer the member back.

No partner? Ask your conference clerk to help.

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