Quarters & Months Explained


As church and conference clerks enter membership changes, each change is added to the statistics for the conference's current quarter. When the conference clerk closes the quarter, eAdventist saves a snapshot of the closed quarter and all new changes are added to the new current quarter. Some conferences close quarters immediately (e.g. Apr 1, Jul 1, Oct 1, Jan 1) while others wait 7-10 days to accommodate "offline" churches.


To ensure that monthly statistical match quarterly statistics, eAdventist selects statistics for monthly reports as shown below. The Example columns shows the dates that would be used if 1st Quarter was closed on April 10 and 2nd Quarter was closed on July 9.

Months Includes entries from Example
1st month Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct Quarter-close to 13th April 10 - May 13
2nd month Feb, May, Aug, Nov 14th to 13th May 14 - June 13
3rd month Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec 14th to Quarter-close June 14 - July 9

Late reports

Membership changes that are entered late are always included in the statistics for the current quarter. A common example would be a baptism that took place in January 2016 but was not entered until February of 2017. The baptism will show the 2016 date but will be included in the 1st Quarter 2017 reports.

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