"Statistical Recap" Explained

The Statistical Recap report provides a summary of membership changes in a period (i.e. month, quarter, year).

AddedBy = (Baptism + ProfOfFaith + Letter + LetterInConf)

DroppedBy = (LetterInConf + Letter + Deceased + Removed + Missing)

MembersEnd = MembersBegin + AddedBy - DroppedBy + Adjustment

% Growth = (MembersEnd - MembersBegin)/MembersBegin x 100%

What is an "Adjustment"?

  1. Adding an unlisted member - The few churches that still do not have complete membership records can use "priors" (prior baptism, prior PoF, prior transfer) to add unlisted members without affecting the current "add" columns. Instead, they show as positive (+) changes in the "Adjustment" column.
  2. Dropping a duplicate member - The person is listed in more than one church and the problem cannot be resolved by "Undo Baptism" or "Undo PoF". Instead, they show as negative (-) changes in the "Adjustment" column.

What does a negative number mean?

When a clerk corrects a mistaken "add" or "drop", the correction is recorded as a negative (-) number in the appropriate column. For example, an Undo Baptism decreases the Baptism column by 1. If the Baptism and Undo Baptism were both entered in the same quarter, they will add up to zero. If the Baptism was entered in a previous quarter, the Undo Baptism will reduce the total.

In the example above, Church B has a total of -2 in the Missing column because there were more Undo Missing entries (corrections) than Missing entries made during the quarter.

A negative number in the Adjustment column indicates that there were more members dropped as Duplicate Member during the quarter than added as Prior Baptism, Prior PoF or Prior Transfer

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