Fixing Transfer Mistakes

How to fix these common mistakes:

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Wrong name

If the name is incorrect on a transfer request that you created, the easiest solution is to withdraw the request and re-enter it with the correct name. If you see the "Couldn't find any matches" message (see #1 in the example below) when you try to "grant" a transfer request, often the name has been mistyped or is entered differently in eAdventist (see #2 below). You can adjust the "Searching for:" last name and first name fields (see #3 below) to find the correct member. Click the "Search" button to search for the matching member

Wrong church

If the wrong church was selected when you created a transfer request, it is easiest to withdraw the request and create a new one with the correct church. The "Withdraw" button will be visible if you created the request.

If you receive a request for a member that does not belong to your church, click the "Email" link and send a message to let the requesting clerk know. The requesting clerk will be able to withdraw their request.

Wrong date

If you need to correct the vote date (e.g. granted, accepted) on a transfer, it's best to "undo" the vote and re-enter it with the correct date. To "undo" a grant vote (see #1 below), click the "undo" link (see #2 below). Now you can grant the transfer again.

To "undo" an accept vote, click on the member's name to see the member's record (the Person page), then click the "Change Status" button. On the Change Status/Rebaptize page,  select "undo last transfer vote" and click "Save". This will move the member back to their previous church and allow you to accept the transfer again.

You can also "undo" an accept vote using the Statistics page.

Completed transfer of wrong person

No problem. The two churches involved just need cooperate to "undo" both the accept and the grant votes (see above). Then the request can be granted again with the correct person.

NOTE: If the member was transferred out to an international church, contact us at to "undo" the accept vote for you.

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