Officer Labels

This is a powerful tool for communicating with your officers by postal mail and email. eAdventist will create 2 kinds of labels, depending on the information for each officer.  Officer labels will have the officer's name and address:

Fred Flintstone
123 Granite St
Bedrock City WA 98123

Anonymous labels will use the office title and the organization's address:

Rock Solid SDA Church
456 Gold St
Bedrock City WA 98456

Postal only

Use this option to use both postal mail and email. Click  Export Email to get all available email addresses. Then check Postal only and click "Search" again to get just officers with no email address. Print Labels or Export as CSV to get these mailing labels.

Problem addresses

This provides several options to deal with 5 typical scenarios:

Scenario Officer
Is member or
Has an
is good?
Good yes yes yes yes
No officer no  -  -
Dropped yes no  -
Empty yes yes no  -
Stopped yes yes yes no

Include all as anonymous - use when most organizations have 1 officer (e.g. Pastor, Treasurer, Principal)

  • Good => Officer
  • No officer => Anonymous
  • Dropped => Anonymous
  • Empty => Anonymous
  • Stopped => Anonymous

Include "no officer" as anonymous - use when most organizations have 2+ officers (e.g. Elder, Teacher)

  • Good => Officer
  • No officer => Anonymous
  • Dropped => 
  • Empty =>
  • Stopped =>

Exclude all - 

  • Good => Officer
  • No officer =>
  • Dropped =>
  • Empty =>
  • Stopped =>

Only options - use these to find the "No officer", "Dropped", "Empty" and "Stopped" cases

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