Adding a Person

Each new person is initially added to eAdventist as a nonmember. Additional changes -- baptism, profession of faith, transfer in (from foreign church) -- can be made after they have been added. 

eAdventist groups people by family, so a new person can be added one of 2 ways:

  1. Create a new family
  2. Add a new person to an existing family

New Family

Choose "new family" in the People menu section.

This will give you a blank Person screen.

Some of the most important information that you can enter includes:

  1. Name (required) - First name and Last name are required, all other name fields are optional
  2. Church (required) - choose one
  3. Personal phones (optional) - Mobile phone and Work phone belong to the person
  4. Birth date (optional) - To enter a birthday without the year, use 1800 for the year
  5. Phones (optional) - These numbers are shared by all family members
  6. Addresses (optional) - Shared by all family members, use "Mail/PO Box" if different than "Street", use "Alternate" for snowbirds

Add New Person to a Family

On the Person screen for a family member, click the "New Person" button.

This will give you a blank Person screen with the Last name, Church and family information (phones, addresses, subscriptions) already filled in.

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