International Transfers - Inbound

Transferring a member into your church from a church outside of North America is different from a regular transfer in several ways since the international clerk does not use eAdventist:

  1. Your "request" and "accept" vote will need to sent to the international clerk by email or postal mail.
  2. The international clerk will not be able to enter his/her "grant" vote in eAdventist.
  3. You will need to add the person to eAdventist (as a nonmember) since there is no existing record.


If the international church is not already listed in eAdventist, use "request new" (under the Organizations menu section) and provide as much information as you have. We will let you know when it has been added. Now use "Request Transfer" to create a request. Your conference clerk will send it to the international clerk by mail or email.

Since there is no existing record of the member in eAdventist, add the person (using "new person" or "new family") and leave him/her as a nonmember.


When the international clerk notifies your conference clerk that the request has been granted, your conference clerk will select the nonmember record that you created and enter the international church's "grant" vote. eAdventist will notify you (by email) and the transfer will move to the "To accept" tab of your "Transfers" page.


Enter your church's "accept" vote and you are done! eAdventist automatically changes the person's "Status" from nonmember to member. Your conference clerk will notify the international church (by mail or email) that the transfer has been accepted.

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