Adding Search to your site

It's so easy, so easy...

eAdventist Search can be easily incorporated into your site using the IFRAME tag. All current browsers support it. For example:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

The IFRAME element allows you to set the width and height. eAdventist Search displays well with a width of 600 and height of 800.

Live examples

Customizing search

Tailor the search to your needs by adding parameters at the end of the URL. For example, the URL for Advanced Search of all Oregon Conference congregations would be:<br>

Select the search type:

type —  default = Single-line search (a la Google), = Advanced search, = Distance search, = List view

Restrict scope of the search:

mask — use OrgCode omitting any trailing 1's (e.g. ANP8 = Central California Conf, ANP = Pacific Union, AN = North American Div)
class — = administrative (division, union, conference), = congregations (church, company, group), = schools
orgtype (only in List) — = church, = company, 15 = group, = K-8 school, = K-10 school, = K-12 school, 10 = 10-12 school
region (only in List) — use RegionID to filter list

Set the number of results per page:

recs - default is 10

Match the RGB color scheme of your site with these parameters:

titlecolorexample with default color,   example with RGB color
title2color -  example with default color,   example with RGB color

More examples (using Florida Conference)


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