myEADVENTIST Rollout Strategy

The myEADVENTIST app is an online church membership directory that also shares other church information and allows members to update their own membership profile. This an exciting opportunity for a church, but also one that needs some consideration. Below are some suggestions when evaluating and rolling out myEADVENTIST to your church.


Start by creating accounts for a few individuals such as the pastor, elder(s) and clerk. myEADVENTIST accounts are created by invitation only and sent out by the pastor, clerk or other designated church admin with an eAdventist account. This will help your church leadership become familiar with the app before sharing it with your church

Discuss myEADVENTIST with your church board

myEADVENTIST is designed to be used by all members at a church, but your board may wish to start with only church officers or limit options such as the church directory or profile updates, which are settings on your Church Admin page.

Review Directory Preferences

The "Include in" options in eAdventist determines whether families and members are included in the printed Church Directory reports as well as myEADVENTIST. You may have some members who wish to opt out of being included in the online directory or who are not longer participating in your church and your church may not want them included.

Present myEADVENTIST in front of your church

Your members will have a number of questions about what eAdventist is, and your members will want an opportunity to opt out of inclusion in the directory. Your members will also be happy to know they can update their own membership profile in myEADVENTIST if they wish to mark their address, phone and/or email confidential so it will not show in the directory.

Expand rollout to additional church officers and members

This will also involve collecting email addresses for members. Account invitations can only be sent if an email address has been entered on that person's membership profile.

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