Subscriptions for Clerks

The Member Labels feature (under the Subscriptions menu section) can be used to create labels for:

  • Union paper
  • Adventist World magazine
  • Conference newsletter

1. Enabling subscriptions

The  Union paper and Adventist World fields turn these subscriptions on and off for the family. Normally, the label for a subscription will include the Primary Contact's name. To change it to something like "Mr & Mrs Flintstone", enter a value in the Mailing Name field. If the Primary Contact is not a "member" or "nonmember" (e.g. deceased, missing, removed, duplicate), the label will be omitted until a new Primary Contact is selected.

The  Allow promo mail should be turned off (unchecked) when the member requests it. "Promo mail" is sent from a 3rd party (e.g. Signs, Adventist World Radio) that is soliciting donations with the approval of the church or conference. The Person Labels and Member Labels features have the ability to filter out labels for families that have opted out of "Promo mail".

2. Address "health"

To receive subscriptions, the family needs to have a valid default address. eAdventist uses postal software to validate addresses in the US (and territories) and Canada. eAdventist displays the address "health" just above the address:

  • Valid - address is deliverable
  • Invalid - address is not deliverable, click the "i" icon for an explanation
  • Valid? - address has not been validated, turn auto-certification on to validate
  • Stopped - Stop delivery has been entered (e.g. "moved, no forwarding address", "incomplete address"). Correct the address and clear this field

Addresses with "health" of  Invalid and Valid? will be included in labels, along with Valid addresses. Only Stopped addresses are omitted

3. Subscriber ID

The Subscriber ID is printed on each subscription label and contains several pieces of information. Using the ID "M2485367/IFK1/5" in the screenshot as an example:

  • "M" indicates that the label is for a Member ("S" is for a Subscriber)
  • 2485367 is the ID of the Primary Contact. Paste this number in the Last name field on the Person Search screen to find the Primary Contact.
  • IFK1 indicates that the Primary Contact belongs to the church with OrgCode "ANIFK1". Paste this code in the Name containing field of the Organization Search screen.
  • 5 is a check-sum required by USPS for electronic return labels

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