Getting started: Conference Clerk

Welcome to the clerk community. Feeling a little intimidated that the community is looking to you as their "leader"? No worries. Here are the things you need for a strong start.

1. Two eAdventist Accounts

There are two eAdventist sites - the Live site and the Demo site. The Demo site is a copy of the real membership data (from several years ago) that you and your clerks can use for learning and experimenting. The Live site is the real deal.

You will need an account on both sites. Accounts on the two sites are not linked, so they need to be created and activated separately. However, it is usually a good idea to choose the same password for both sites to make things easier. Both accounts should have access to your entire conference and have the "Conference clerk" and "User admin" roles.

If the outgoing clerk has not set these accounts up for you, our team can help (

2. Updated contact information

Replace the previous clerk's information in two places. First, find your conference's Organization page. Clerks in other conferences will use the information on the Contact tab to contact you. Switch back to the Officers tab and click on the "Conference clerk" title. Use the "Add new office" button if the previous clerk is not already listed. Select your name and choose set your address, email and phone preferences.

Second, click on the User group menu item (in the Admin section) and select your conference. Update the "Contact name", "Contact email", "Contact phone" and "Contact fax" fields as necessary. This information shows on the Community page (in the Home menu section) and on printed transfers.

3. Resources

  • Help Center - bite-size articles that you can search
  • eAdventist News blog - "follow" for new features, changes, tips, screencasts (coming soon)
  • @eAdventist on Twitter - "follow" us for announcements and news
  • Resources page in eAdventist - guides and forms (PDF), FAQ and resources from other conferences (translations, slideshows, etc.)
  • Church Manual - download the PDF for an excellent reference on membership policies and protocols

4. Phone training

Contact us ( to set up an appointment when you have a 30-45 minute window in your workday. We'll call you and walk you through specific cases you're working on or give you a tour of key topics (e.g. transfers, security, labels). A very low-cost way to learn on the job.

5. Our team

We are your support team and we're happy to hear your questions, problems and ideas. The best way to reach us is to email so that you get a prompt answer - no matter what our vacation/travel schedule or the differences in time zones. We're also happy to give you our phone numbers and use the phone when that works better.

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us