Mission Groups

A mission group is a "baby church". Because groups usually start small and are focused on growing, they are different than a church or company in several ways:

  • the people leave their membership in the Conference Church or a "Mother" church
  • they usually have a lay "Church leader", rather than a "Pastor"
  • they do not have a membership clerk
NOTE: The old solution of using a Tag to identify the people in a Mission Group has been replaced by the "Mission Group" field.

The Organization

Just like a Church or Company, a Mission group will list the conference as the "Parent". However, it also includes the "Mother church" field - which should be one of the following:

  • the sponsoring church
  • the conference church

This link enables eAdventist to connect the Mission Group with the "Mother church" for Attendance, Church Vitality, etc.

TIP: Remember to enter the "Group started" date on the "Settings" tab to preserve this valuable information while it's still fresh. The Church Vitality reporting depends on this date.

To see all of your groups, click the "groups" link on the conference's Organization page.

This gives a list that show "Mother church" (in italics, under Group name), number of members and "Group started" date.

The People

Although the people in a Mission group will be members of a Church or Company, they can be connected to the Mission group, too, by setting the "Mission group" field.

Once people have been added to the Mission group, you can get a list of the people by clicking on the "Show" link next to the "People" field (on the Organization screen).

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