Updating Officers

TIP: Use "search" to find and select the Organization. The Officers are listed on the lower part of the Organization's page.

Officers for churches, schools, conferences, etc. are displayed on the  Organization page. Each officer has individual settings for email, phone and address. These settings are used for any office-related lists -- Conference Directory, Officer Labels, Mailing Lists. If your eAdventist account includes "access" to the organization, an "i" icon ("info") will be displayed beside each officer's name to provide a quick way to view their current settings.

The "Change Date" column indicates the "freshness" of each officer record.


Is the officer replacing another officer already listed in eAdventist? If "yes", see Replacing/Updating below. Otherwise, click the "New Office" button to enter a new officer. 

On the "New Officer" page, select an "Office title". If the officer's title is a variation on one of the titles in eAdventist, select the closest "Office title" and use "Custom title" to enter the variation.

Finally, indicate which email address, phone number and mailing address the officer wishes to use for any communications related to their office.


To update a current officer or enter his/her successor, click on the officer's title (e.g. "Pastor") in the "Office Title" column. Select the appropriate person and update the email, phone and address settings, if necessary.


Click the "delete" link to remove an officer from the list. eAdventist will ask you confirm each deletion, since deletions cannot be undone.


When an officer is continuing for an additional term, just click the "renew" link to update the "Change Date" column.

NOTE: The "renew" link only shows 10 months or more after the "Changed" date. 

Tip for Conference clerks

Adding a pastor or teacher that hasn't transferred to your conference yet? Instead of adding a temporary "nonmember" record, contact us at  help@eadventist.net. We can link your officer to their actual "member" record to include them in your Officer Labels and prevent duplicate records when they transfer.

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