Finding duplicate members and nonmembers

The Duplicate Search enables you to find the people (members and nonmembers) that are likely duplicate records for the same person. There are 4 "Confidence levels" to choose from - enabling you to find the most obvious duplicates, then cast a wider net for the less obvious duplicates.

NOTE: The Duplicate Search only searches the records that your account has access to. As a result, it is most useful if you have access to an entire conference or union.

Choose the "more.." menu option (under the People menu section) and click on the "Duplicate people" link.

Resolving duplicates


The options for "Confidence level" are listed from highest to lowest - choose the highest levels to find most of the duplicates.


Click the "Search" button to see the results and use the "Name" links to compare the potential duplicates. 

Use the following criteria to decide which records to keep:

Member vs Nonmember - While it's important to fix a duplicate when both records are "Member", there are often good reasons to leave a duplicate when one of the records is a "Nonmember" - unless the records are in the same church.

Original record - Keeping the oldest record will preserve the member's history. This usually requires initiating the transfer that should have happened earlier.

Most history - However, keep the newer record if it includes member history (e.g. transfers). Use Notes to preserve any history from the older record.

The best way to drop a duplicate record depends on the member's history. The most common scenarios are:

Nonmember - Change status to "Deleted nonmember".

Includes transfer history - Change status to "Duplicate member".

No transfer history - "Undo" last change, then change status to "Deleted member".

For the steps to make these changes, see Fixing duplicate members and nonmembers.

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