Getting the myEADVENTIST app

The myEADVENTIST app for members is a mobile-friendly web app, so you won't find it in Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store. It's a web site that's designed to work like an app on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Find the app

The link to activate your myEADVENTIST account, asks you to choose a password then takes you directly to the app. Since the link can only be used once, this is a great time to "save" the app (see below).

If you ever need to find the app again, open your browser and go to On your phone or tablet, you'll see:

On your PC or Mac, you'll see:

To go to the app from eAdventist's home page, click on the blue "myEADVENTIST App Login" patch.

"Save" the app

To make it easy to reopen the app, add it to your home screen (phone or tablet) or save a bookmark (PC or Mac).

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