Statistical Reporting for Conferences

NEW: Beginning in 2022, the unions no longer need to collect statistical reports from the  conferences or forward statistical reports to the  division. As soon as the conference closes the quarter, the union and division can access the statistical reports.

eAdventist includes several statistical reports specifically for conferences:

  • Statistical Recap - provides a statistical summary for all churches (print this each quarter)
  • Statistical Analysis - provides a statistical summary for the conference by age group (print this each quarter)
  • Statistical Comparison - provides a summary by year (or quarter) over a period of time (e.g. a 5-year summary for quinquennial session reports)

Statistical Recap

Use the Statistical Recap to print your statistical report - after closing the quarter.

TIP: Be sure to set "Select by" to "Quarter" to print quarterly reports. Use "Current" to see up-to-the-minute statistics before the quarter is closed.

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