Moving nonmembers

When the baptized members of a family transfer to a new church, any nonmembers in the family still belong to the original church. Instead of the 3-step "transfer" process, you can easily move a nonmember to a new church.

Move a Nonmember to another Church

If the nonmember belongs to your church and the other members have transferred out to a new church, click the "Change" button.

Find and select the new church.

Select any other nonmembers in the family to move them all at once.

"Grab" a Nonmember from another Church

If the members have transferred to your church but the nonmember is still in the old church, eAdventist allows you to move them to your church without having to wait for the other clerk. Click on the "grab" icon beside the nonmember's name in the "Family" list.

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