Adding a Contact

Contacts are your church's "friends" and "interests" - people that don't attend regularly but want to stay in touch with your church.

Choose the "new contact" menu item (under the Contacts menu section). Add as much or as little information as you want - only a "Name" and "Type" are required.

Each Contact belongs to one "Owner" (i.e. church/company/conference). However, "Share with" allows it to be shared with another church - for co-operative evangelistic events.

The key fields for filtering and selecting Contacts are:

  • Status - Set to "inactive" to hide Contact. eAdventist automatically de-activates a Contact after 2 years without any change or activity - prevents a stale list. Inactive contacts can easily be re-activated.
  • Type - The main way to categorize your Contacts
  • Interest level - Optional. 
  • Source - Optional. Use this to determine the impact of your church's various ministries and events.

Interacting with a Contact

Once the Contact has been added, you'll be able to select "Interests" and add "Notes".

You can add Contacts to any of your Messaging Lists to include them in your email and text messages.

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