The "Involvement" field can help pastors and church leaders serve the various groups within their churches better. Some typical categories include:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Shut-in
  • Moved away

Creating categories

The pastor or church clerk can choose the categories that will best suit the needs of their church. To manage these categories, click on the Churches menu item (under the Admin menu section) and select the "Settings" tab.

TIP: If your account has access to multiple churches (e.g. conference clerk, district pastor), you will see a list of your churches to choose from.

Each church chooses their own “Involvement” categories. When a member transfers, their new church will not see the “Involvement” entered by their previous church. The new church can replace it with one of their own “Involvement” categories.

Setting "Involvement" for people

Once the categories have been created, you can set the "Involvement" for each person ("member" or "nonmember").

The Member List report includes the “Involvement”, both family and mobile (personal) phones, as well as email address.

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