Creating a New eAdventist Account

User Authorization

Before creating a new eAdventist account, be sure that you have received a signed User Authorization Form, available here and on the User Group page. This protects the privacy and security of your membership data in 2 important ways:

  • verifies that the person is trusted by a responsible authority (pastor, conference officer)
  • reminds the responsible authority (pastor, conference officer) to notify you when the account needs to be deactivated 

Create an Account

On the User Group page, click the "Add User" button to create a new account. eAdventist will also send an Activation email to the new User that they can use to choose a password.

Enter the User's name and a valid email address, then click the "Save" button.

Add Roles

Next choose a Role and click the "Add role" button. For more information about the available Roles, click the "Roles" menu item (under the Admin menu section).

Add Access

Finally, choose a church (or the entire conference) that the User will have access to and click the "Add Access" button. For a pastor with multiple churches, add each church individually.


The new account has been set up and just needs to be Activated by the User. Activation emails expire after 72 hours. If the Activation expires before it is used, you can click the "Send Activation" button to send a fresh one.

Each change you make to a User account is saved in History.

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