Transfers - Inbound

Transferring a member into your church from another church involves 3 steps:

  1. Create a Request - you
  2. Enter a Grant vote - the other clerk
  3. Enter an Accept vote - you, again
NOTE: You can request a transfer into your church but not out of your church. The other clerk needs to make that request.

Create a Request

Choose the "transfers" menu item (in the "People" menu section). Then click the "Request Transfer" button.

Click the "Select" link to choose the church that you are sending the Request to. 

Your church should be selected as "To join". Enter the member's "First name" and "Last name". Including "Middle name", "Suffix" or "Birth date" can help the other clerk identify the member - particularly if their name is common or has changed. Click the "Save" button to create the Request. The other clerk will be notified of the Request by email (or postal mail).

The request is now showing on the "To grant" tab with an amber "light" beside it - indicating that you are waiting for the other church to "grant" the request.

Wait for the Grant vote

The other church will vote to Grant the request. As soon as the other clerk enters this vote, you will be notified by email (or postal mail). The request will move from the "To grant" tab to the "To accept" tab and have a green "light" - indicating that it's your turn again. Click the "View" link.

Enter the Accept vote

Click the "Accept/Decline" button to enter your church's vote.

Enter the "Voted" date and click the "Save" button. The other clerk will be notified by email (or postal mail).

That's it! The member now belongs to your church and you can view the member's record in eAdventist.

The request has moved from the "To accept" tab to the "Completed" tab of the Transfers page.

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