CT 2.3: Transfer TO an International Church

Clerk Tutorial 2: Transfers

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Exercise 3: Transfer TO an International Church

For this exercise, your conference clerk will be your practice partner since he/she will enter the international church’s vote. 

TIP: If you receive a “Request for Transfer of Church Membership” by postal mail or email, the church is international or “offsystem” (i.e. outside of North America and Guam/Micronesia), otherwise the request would have come via eAdventist.

For our example, we are going to assume that the international (“offsystem”) church is requesting Allen [ yourLastName], a member added in Clerk Tutorial 1. If you haven’t added Allen, you can also choose a real member of your church for this exercise.

Full name of member __________________________________________________________
  1. It’s always a good idea to use Person Search to verify that the individual is in your membership records before starting on the transfer. Click on the People menu section, then click “search”.
  2. On the Person Search screen, type in the first few letters of the last name of the member and click the “Search” button.
  3. If you find the member’s name in your search results and see “Member” in the “Status” column, then you’re ready to start on the transfer. Click the transfers menu item to go to the Transfers screen.
  4. International churches do not have access to eAdventist, so international requests will come by postal mail or email. You will need to enter the request in eAdventist on their behalf. To do this, click the “Request Transfer” button.
  5. On the Request Transfer screen, change the "Transfer member" setting to “to an Offsystem church (from my church)”.
  6. Select your church in the "To clerk of" drop-down list (remember, you are entering request that you received). Then click the “Select” link next to "To join" and find the church that requested the transfer.
  7. For this exercise, you can choose any international church. For example, enter “first” in the “Church name” field and click the “Search” button.
  8. From the churches in the search results, select one (indicated by a "globe" icon next to the name), then clicking on the “Ok” button. (NOTE: If you cannot find the church you are searching for, try variations of the name, city or country. If you are still unable find it, use “request new” in the “Organization” menu section to have it added).
  9. The church you selected should be displayed in the "To join" field.  Enter the last name and first name of the member and click the “Save” button.
  10. The transfer is now ready to be voted by your church indicated by the green "light". For a real transfer, take the member’s name to your church board or pastor for voting by the church board and congregation. For this exercise, consider it voted and click the View link for the request.
  11. On the Transfer screen, click the “Grant/Deny” button to enter your vote.
  12. On the Process Transfer Request screen, eAdventist will automatically attempt to find requested name in your member records. If you don’t see the member in the search results, you can adjust “Search last name” and “Search first name”, and click the “Search” button. When the search returns the member, select him/her from the results list.
  13. Set the “Action” to “Granted”, enter the "Voted date" (e.g. July 9, 2013 in m/d/yyyy format), and click the “Save” button.
  14. eAdventist will return to the Transfer screen where you will see your vote. Click the "Back to transfers" link to return to the main Transfers screen.
  15. Click on the To accept tab and find the transfer which now has a yellow "light" indicating to wait for the other church. The transfer will display on the Completed tab once this final vote has been entered.
  16. The international church doesn’t use eAdventist, so how will they find out that your church has granted the request? Your conference membership clerk takes care of this for you. Notice that the "Printed" column says “Pending”.
  17. Your conference membership clerk mails prints these transfers on a regular basis. The next mailing will create a notification that your conference clerk will send to the international church. For real transfers on the “live” site, you will see the print date.
  18. After a few weeks, the other church will vote the individual into membership and return the form to your conference membership clerk. Your membership clerk will enter the acceptance date on behalf of the international ("offsystem") church and the next time you log in, this transfer will display on your Completed tab. Also, the member will no longer be in your membership list.
  19. Ask your conference membership clerk to accept the transfer on the Demo site. Once the transfer has been accepted, you can double-check that the individual is no longer a member in your church by clicking the search menu item under the People menu section.
  20. Enter a portion of the member’s last name and click the “Search” button.
  21. The individual should not be included in the search results if the transfer has been completed.
  22. You have successfully completed a transfer to an international (“offsystem”) church.
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