CT 2.4: Transfer FROM an International Church

Clerk Tutorial 2: Transfers

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Exercise 4: Transfer FROM an International Church

For this exercise, your conference clerk will be your practice partner since he/she will enter the other church’s vote. 

TIP: Whenever someone is transferring to your church, whether they are coming from another eAdventist church or an international (or  offsystem) church, you always start the same way – by requesting the transfer to your church.
  1. Click the People menu item, then click transfers.
  2. Click the “Request transfer” button.
  3. To indicate which church the person is transferring from, click the “Select” link.
  4. In the Select Church pop-up, enter a portion of the church name in the "Name containing" field and click the “Search” button.
  5. For this example, find and select an international (offsystem) church (indicated by the "globe" icon), then click the “Ok” button. The church name will automatically be displayed in the "To clerk of" field.
  6. Select your church in the "To join" field, enter the name of the person transferring to your church (just make one up for this exercise), and click the “Save” button.
  7. The transfer will be displayed on the To grant tab with a yellow light indicating that you are waiting for the international church to grant the request. At this point, the "Printed" column indicates that this transfer is “Pending” – your conference clerk has not yet printed and mailed this transfer request to the international church.
  8. For real transfers on the “Live” site, your conference membership clerk will print and mail the request. After that happens, the Printed date will be filled in.
  9. It can often take several weeks or more to receive the international church’s grant vote due to postal and language challenges. When it arrives, your conference clerk enter it in eAdventist and eAdventist send you an email notification. If the international church inadvertently returns their grant vote to you, forward it to your conference. For this exercise, ask your conference to enter a grant so that you continue.
  10. Once the grant vote has been entered, there is an important difference from normal transfers. The international church is not using eAdventist, and has no existing member record to transfer. How do we get around this problem? Add the person to your church as a nonmember.
  11. To add a nonmember for this exercise, click “new family” under the People menu section (you can also add a person to an existing family). On the blank Person screen, enter the transferring person’s name, and any other information you have, being sure to select your church in the "Church" field, check the "Union paper" and "Adventist Review" boxes, and click the "Save" button.
  12. This individual now a nonmember in your church’s eAdventist records. NOTE: this is the only situation in which a nonmember record can be transferred.
  13. If your conference clerk has entered the international church’s grant vote, click transfers under the People menu section.
  14. Find the transfer request on the To accept tab. In reality, the dates requested, granted, and accepted will each be a few weeks apart, but for practice purposes, we are just entering made-up dates. Pretend your church has accepted this person into membership, and click the "View" link.
  15. Enter the "Voted date" (e.g. July 15, 2013 in m/d/yyyy format). Notice that eAdventist provides an option to enter the member’s original membership method and date (how they first became a Seventh-day Adventist) in the "Member by" and "Membership date" fields. If you do not have this information, it’s optional. Click the “Save” button.
  16. The Transfer screen will show you that the transfer is now completed.  Click on the new member’s name to look at her membership record (any names that are not links have transferred out of your membership and are no longer available for you to see).
  17. On the Person page, verify that the “Church” field shows the name of your church and that the “Status” is now “Member”.
  18. Click the Membership tab on the lower part of the screen.
  19. The transfer history should be displayed at the bottom of the tab. If you don't have the member’s original baptism date, you can enter it later on this tab in the "Membership date" field.
  20. You have successfully transferred someone from an international (offsystem) church. Note that your conference clerk needs to help on Step 9. For real transfers, it is best to enter the nonmember record (Step 11) BEFORE entering the transfer request so that it ready when your conference clerk receives and enters the international church’s grant vote.

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